Teenage Wasteland Review

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

  • Submissions for issue #3 will run from 3.1.2016 until 4.30.16

  • All submissions should be in 12 point, standard font. 

  • If submitting poetry, please submit no more than three poems at a time or maximum of 10 pages. If submitting multiple poems, please submit them as ONE file.

  • Please try to stay away from rhyming; we'll still read it but we are looking for something more "outside the box." 

  • If submitting Fiction or Creative Nonfiction, please limit your stories to 5,000 words or less.

  • Please wait until you hear back from us before you submit again. Multiple submissions will not be read.

  • All submissions should be in .doc, .docx, or pdf formats.

  • All submissions are READ BLIND, so please refrain from including ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION in the document containing your work.

  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted; please withdraw your work promptly or leave a comment in your submission if it is accepted elsewhere.

  • We do not accept previously published work.

  • If you want to leave a short bio about yourself, please do so in the cover letter field- this will have no effect on your acceptance, but we would love to know a little bit about you!
  • Here is an example of the format of cover letter bio we're looking for: John Johnson is a senior at Random Community High School and plans to study Biology in college. He enjoys water-skiing, time traveling, and mowing the lawn. Additionally, he works part-time at his local coal mine, which is his main inspiration.
Teenage Wasteland Review